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Bio Fertilizer Rhizobium Peak Raza is a highly effective nitrogen fixing bacterial formulation

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PEAK RAZA can be used on pulses, oilseeds and other all crops.

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Technical :Rhizobium

Brand :Peak Raza (Peak Chemical Industries Limited).

Description :PEAK RAZA is a highly effective nitrogen fixing bacterial formulation bio fertilizer. It can fix 50-100 Kg nitrogen per hectare in one crop season and leaves a substantial amount of nitrogen in the soil for succeeding crops. Application of 1 Kg of PEAK RAZA is equal to application of 100 Kg urea.
PEAK RAZA bio fertilizer can be used for all type agricultural crops.

Recommended Crops :All Crops.

Application :PEAK RAZA is applied through seed treatment and soil application.

Dosage : Seed Inoculation :Mix 500gm of PEAK RAZA with 500ml (one tumbler full) of rice gruel or gum Arabica to make slurry. Mix the seeds required for an acre in the slurry and dry in shade for 30 minutes before sowing. The treated seeds should be sown within 48hrs.

Soil Application :Mix 1-2 Kgs of PEAK RAZA in 20 Kg dried farmyard manure and broadcast in one acre of land.

Available Packing Size :1Kg.

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