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Safex Glide Acetamiprid 20 SP Insecticide used for control Aphids Jassids and White flies in cotton

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GLIDE Acetamiprid 20% SP ) used for control Aphids, mite, thrips, small spider, flying insects killing. It is can be used for all type of vegetables, fruits and flowers plants. Also use for home garden plants excellent result.

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Technical : Acetamiprid 20% SP.

Brand : Glide (Safex Chemicals India Limited).

Description : GLIDE Acetamiprid 20% SP ) is a highly effective systemic insecticide for the control of Aphids, Jassids and White flys in cotton. It is compatible with other pesticides.

Target Pests : White flies, Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, Leaf hoppers, Leaf miners, Scale etc.

Recommended Crops : Vegetables, Fruits, Cumin, Citrus, Mustard, Potato, Tea, Cotton.

Application : Foliar spray.

Dosage : 5-10 gm per 15 litre of water. 60-120gm in 180-200Litre of water per acre.

Precautions : 1. Keep away from children, foodstuffs, empty foodstuff containers and animal food. 2. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin. 3. Avoid inhalation the spray mist. Spray in the direction of wind. 4. Wash thoroughly the contaminated clothes and part of the body after spraying. 5. Do not smoke, drink, eat and chew anything while spraying. 6. Wear full protective clothing while mixing and spraying. 7. Do not spray near fish culture ponds or when bees are active.

Antidote : No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically.

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