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Safex SHINE STAR PLUS Thiamethoxam 30 FS Systemic Insecticide

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Technical : Thiamethoxam 30% FS.

Brand : SHINE STAR PLUS (Safex Chemical (India) Limited).

Description : SHINE STAR PLUS ( Thiamethoxam 30% FS ) is a systemic insecticide. SHINE STAR PLUS protects against target pests by interfering with receptors that transmit the message to continue feeding. SHINE STAR PLUS acts on different sites of action in the insect. SHINE STAR PLUS has contact, stomach, systemic activity. SHINE STAR PLUS is to be used as a seed dresser. SHINE STAR PLUS compatible with other Pesticides.

Recommended Crops : Cotton, Sorghum, Wheat, Soybean, Chilli, Okra, Maize, Sunflower, Rice.

Target Pests : Aphids, Whiteflies, Jassids, Shoot fly, Termites, Thrips, Stem fly, Whorl maggot, Green leaf hopper (GLH).

Application : Foliar spray, Seed treatment.

Dosage : 
Foliar Spray : 20ml per 15Litre of water. 200-250ml in 150-200Litre of water per acre.
Seed Treatment : 4-10ml per 1kg seed.

Precautions : 1. Keep away from foodstuffs, empty foodstuff containers and animals food. 2. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin. 3. Avoid inhalation of the spray mist. Spray in the direction of wind. 4. Wash thoroughly the contaminated clothes and parts of the body after spraying. 5. Do not smoke, drink, eat and chew anything while spraying. 6. Wear full protective clothing while mixing and spraying.

Antidote : No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically.

Available Packing Size : 1L.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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