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Domark Tetraconazole 3.8% WW Fungicide used for all type of vegetables fruits and flower plants

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DOMARK ( Tetraconazole 3.8% WW ) is a fungal disease controller. It is controls sheath blight, leaf spot, rust, blast etc. in various crops.

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Technical : Tetraconazole 3.8% WW

Brand : Domark (Isagro Agrochemicals Pvt. Ltd.).

Description : DOMARK ( Tetraconazole 3.8% WW ) is a good quality fungicide. It is used for control sheath blight, leaf spot, rust, blast etc.

Recommended Crops : All Crops.

Application : Foliar Spray.

Dosage : 2ml per 1litre of water/ 300-350ml in 180-200litre of water per acre,

Precautions : 1. Avoid inhalation and skin contact. 2. Do not eat, drink, chew or smoke while use. 3. Destroy empty container after use. 4. Do not contaminate ponds, lakes and streams. 5. Keep away from food-stuff and animals feeds. 6. Keep in a coot-dry place away from heat and open flame.

Antidote : No specific antidote. Treat symptomatically and supportively.

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